A New Take On Chili


Take a break from the high acid of tomato chili with white chicken chili, which has many of the same flavor profiles and spice, but adds a whole new dimension to an old favorite.

You can use ground chicken or turkey, but there is something about chunks of stewed chicken that makes the chili.

I like to cut the chicken a little larger than the vegetables. The vegetables will shrink a little, but the chicken will shrink more as it cooks.

The key is to just barely simmer the liquid while the chicken is cooking. If the heat is too high, the chicken will become stringy. The chicken should be able to be cut with a spoon.

Letting the chicken cool in the liquid will also allow it to absorb some moisture and become more tender.

All of the light vegetables are just suggestions. If you have two onions, more corn, are missing peppers that is fine. Add in more vegetables, leeks, green onions, parsnips, multiple types of white beans or anything else you can come up with.

Keep in mind the more vegetables you add, you may need to add a little more chicken and more seasoning.

The vegetables need to be sweated. You are looking for the liquid to come out, but just before color starts to form.

Lighter stock such as white chicken or vegetable works best. They have a good complementary flavor but also keep the flavor light. Cream is optional to help richen the flavor, but is not mandatory.

If you are opting for the richer chili with cream, reduce the stock with the rest of the ingredients until there is just stock between the vegetables and it is almost thick, without flowing. Add the cream and bring to a simmer until desired consistency.

White Chicken Chili


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