A New View: Super Moon


Assignment: Super Moon

The Location: Memorial Union on the Mizzou campus

One of my first memories of seeing a gigantic, full moon was when I was 5 years old.

I saw a red moon slowly rise behind my house on a fall evening. I didn’t know that the moon could be that big. I spent what seemed like hours staring at it. It was as if I had a telescope and could see all the craters and details of the surface.

Since then, I have seen several moonrises and each time I am brought back to my 5-year-old self for a few moments. When I heard that this year’s Super Moon was supposed to be the biggest in decades, I decided to hunt down a good spot to shoot it.

My first two locations were a bust, but I made it to the top of a parking garage to watch the moon climb beside Memorial Union.

While the clouds made it hard for me to make out those moon details, I still felt like that youngster seeing it for the first time.


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