A New View: Vacation

Assignment: Vacation

The Location: North Captiva Island

I rarely take a vacation. I consider myself lucky because I enjoy my work. What I do doesn’t really feel like work. That’s why I named my company Recess, Inc., because it’s playtime all the time. So, when I do take a vacation it is usually forced upon me.

I had a unique opportunity to join my in-laws for a weeklong stay at North Captiva Island in Florida to celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary. This island has no cars and very few amenities. Basically I was unplugged. After a subtle suggestion from my wife, I left all my electronics behind with the exception of my phone and a really old camera.

While on the island, I would spend the days hanging on the beach, fishing and exploring the area. We saw dolphins leaping out of the water. We collected a large amount of seashells. We caught enough red snapper to feed the 12 of us residing in the house. Each night ended with us watching the sun disappear into the ocean. Overall, it was pretty relaxing.

Picking up my camera was a rare event, but it did happen. While I was walking through the vegetation to photograph the sunset on the beach, I paused to take a photo with that old camera that had a lens that was slightly fogged from the humidity. The result was sort of dreamy.

The vacation is now over. Now it’s time to work. I’m ready to start having fun.

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