Oh, The Many Things We Love About Columbia


Every town has a heartbeat.

Its pulse is kept alive by the community that thrives there. Some keep Columbia’s heartbeat going during their time devoting years of hard work — and fun — to higher education. Many others stay, and have planted roots, built businesses, families and lives here.

But those who call it home don’t always live within city limits, because home is where the heart is. And if you embrace its best, as we have, Columbia hangs on to a little piece of your heart forever and always, no matter how far you roam.

What is it about a town this size that has the power to hang on so tightly? It’s not just the college campuses. It’s not just the festivals. It’s not just the expanse of trail systems and parks. It’s a combination of these things and more, and a community spirit that fosters innovation, collaboration, respect and admiration for fellow citizens and our city as a whole.

Whether you’ve lived here for mere moments or for a lifetime, I bet you’d agree there are myriad facets of this town that make it lovable… we’ve whittled down our ever-growing list to a handful of qualities that make Columbia ever so memorable. Let us count the things we love about Columbia!


The District

Great Outdoors

Family and Pet Friendly

Good Eats

Good Libations

Farmers Market

School Spirit

Creative Expression


Live Music


Local Landmarks


Philanthropic Spirit

Local Business


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