Show-Me State Fun


Your heart races. Your palms sweat. You feel a sudden surge of adrenaline. There’s nothing quite like the rush you get from an amusement park attraction! And our great state recently added some nearby new options that are sure to thrill you.

Face Amusements opened two new Branson-area attractions. The “Branson Coaster,” a double-alpine coaster similar to a toboggan experience, sends riders zooming and racing on a half-mile track downhill in the scenic Ozark Mountains. Meanwhile, in downtown Branson, the “Mirror Maize” takes the seasonal corn-maze concept to a year-round indoor option.

Kansas City’s Paradise Park debuted the “Exit Room Express” escape room. This physical adventure game in which players are locked in a room and work to solve a series of puzzles using clues to escape the room and complete the mission has two 40-minute live-action options for guests in their teens and older.

The “Spinsanity” ride came to Six Flags St. Louis in Eureka. The ride has 40 motorcycle-style seats on which riders spin backward and forward on a curling, 51-foot-tall half-pipe track.

Worlds of Fun in Kansas City opened two rides and debuted a redesigned front gate in 2017. “Mustang Runner” has three arms with seven gondolas per arm that turn one way while the base of the ride spins the other way. “Falcon’s Flight” spins and elevates 50 riders to a height of 100 feet.

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