Sweater Weather

October is perhaps one of the best months in Columbia. The scorching days of September have passed, there’s a slight nip in the air and trees begin their beautiful transformations. One of the best ways to take advantage of cooler weather — besides wrapping your hands around a warm mug of hot chocolate — is to snuggle up with a sweater. But, sweaters don’t have to just be comfy; they can also be fashionable as models Leah Miyamoto-Thomas, Thena Reading-Franssen and Brittany Hale-Dodson showcase. Gone are the boring sweaters that your grandmother used to knit from scratchy wool — cardigans and shawls are available in trendy leopard print and poncho sweaters look great with distressed jeans. So before you reach in the back of your closet for that maroon sweater you wear every fall, check out some new styles at local businesses; you won’t be disappointed.

Gold and cream teardrop earrings
Glik’s $14

Fate cashmere/wool blend cream cowl neck poncho-style sweater with fringe bottom
Glik’s $69

KanCan distressed light wash jeans
Glik’s $39

Cityclassified zippered short boot in dark wheat
Glik’s $34.90

Black and gold stackable bracelets
Glik’s $8 each/5 for $35

Leopard print cardigan
Cha Boutique $81

Sun necklace
Cha Boutique $35

Chantelle white tank top
Cha Boutique $55

2 Chic shawl with leopard-print pockets
My Sister’s Circus $62.99

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