“The Call of Chaos”


Columbia is filled with many residents who have an idea for a book. What makes Columbia unique is the percentage of people who invest in their idea all the way through to publication. Sean Frazier is a new addition to that ever-growing statistic with his first title, “The Call of Chaos (The Forgotten Years: Book 1).”

The fantasy novel is laden with characters on unique journeys to discover their place in the Realm, where chaos is disturbing the balance between good and evil.

FrazierFrazier is an old-school geek, whose dream of publishing came true in a new-school version of publishing. The 2017 self-publishing world looks different than self-publishing in the late 90s, when Frazier finished his 600-page first draft. Self-publishing used to be a large financial investment… in boxes of books authors had to gradually sell out of their basements.

Now authors are able to connect with other writers, booksellers and readers online. Books are printed as they sell or sold instantly in electronic form. There are resources, ready to tap into, for authors to improve their editing process, design choices and marketing strategies.

In 1996, Frazier was a fresh graduate from the Journalism School at the University of Missouri-Columbia. He enthusiastically sent query letters and crossed his fingers. Acknowledging what Frazier calls the “terrible” state of his first draft, he knew it was time to detach for a while. Responses to his query letters at the time were discouraging, the book world was yet to be very electronically accessible, and Sean was focusing on being part of the full-time workforce.

Now life is busier than ever. Frazier balances being a systems engineer at CarFax, a devoted runner, a husband and father of two. Frazier says, “I don’t know what made me take another crack at it. I really wanted to tell the story and I wanted to tell it right.”

Embracing his newfound passion, Sean spent as much time as possible writing and rewriting at Starbucks. “I enjoyed it so much that I started hating everything else,” says Frazier. “I wanted to hold a copy of my physical book and say ‘I wrote this. I am proud of this. It is awesome.’”

Enthusiastically, Frazier’s family encouraged him to spend the necessary time on his writing. They often kicked him out of the house to work, knowing he would be happier upon return. Three proofs later, Sean feels satisfied. He can touch his book, thumb through the pages and interact with readers. His excitement has yet to wane. He is already deep into the editing and writing of the second and third books in the series and is contemplating a prequel or publishing a collection of related short stories.

Frazier fully embraces the publication path he has chosen. “It is what it is,” he says. Perhaps investing more financially into editors and designers, or more time in an agent or traditional publisher would have created a larger audience, but Frazier knew exactly what he was prepared to invest and did so. The result is the start of an entertaining fantasy series, and for every critic, Sean is gaining multiple readers, who are anxiously awaiting book two, “The Coming Storm.”

Learn more at seanrfrazier.com.

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