Crumb One, Crumb All


First-time franchisees Beverly and Chad Davis have brought a taste of Utah sweetness to Columbia. Crumbl Cookies opened in the Broadway Market Place in November. The Columbia location will offer more than 120 specialty cookies, staple favorites and a recent new venture for the brand: Crumbl (ice) Cream.

While many of Crumbls’ cookies are served warm, some can also be served chilled, such as frosted sugar cookies. The best part is that these cookies are not typical average cookie size. “The size of the cookies is about the size of your whole hand,” Beverly says. “We have a family of six and it takes us a while to go through 4 cookies.”

The Davises have their staple favorites: the chocolate chip cookie and the sugar cookie, but Crumbl is always experimenting with different flavors so their menu changes weekly with four different flavors. That way, customers can always have new cookies to try. “My favorite is the Molten Lava cookie because of the gooey center when you break it open,” Beverly says.

So how did a couple living in Columbia end up involved in a Utah cookie franchise? “Our friends in Utah started a Crumbl store so that’s how we heard about it,” Beverly says. “And before we made it official, we used the nationwide delivery to try some of the cookies before we got into the business.”

Although the husband and wife team do not have any professional baking experience, their top priority will be making sure people are happy with their cookies. Chad even learned how to bake his very first batch of cookies during his training. “He realized that if he owns a cookie business, he’s got to be able to at least make a batch of cookies on his own,” Beverly says.

Even though this is the Davis’s first time owning a store, Beverly says she’s excited about being able to bring joy into people’s lives, “Because who doesn’t love cookies?” she asks. “When we did our training in Utah, we saw everyone who came in and saw the expressions on their faces, bringing smiles to people’s faces especially with all the chaos going on in the world.”

Besides bringing customers cookie contentment, Beverly’s also happy to give them a peek behind the curtain — or apron — via the store’s unique layout.

“You can see bakers mixing the dough through the glass; you can see that it’s made fresh every day, the kitchen is in the middle so when you come in the wonderful scent of cookies hits you when you walk through the door,” BEVERLY SAYS.

The brand’s newest offering, Crumbl Cream, has ice cream flavors modeled after their signature cookies with a new flavor every month. But beyond offering a wide range of cookie and ice cream flavors, this cookie unique store is serving another purpose for the Davises: “I love helping and working with people and also it’s something to pass on to our children,” Beverly says. Of their four kids, the couple hired their 16-year-old daughter as a part-time employee — after she passed her interview, of course.

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