Enduring Elegance

Jeremy and Jessica Spillman may have lived in their house in the Vineyards for four years, but you certainly can’t tell. The reason? It keeps evolving — at least partly because of Jeremy’s profession as the owner of Spillman Homes.

The Spillmans built their home in 2015 and after nine months moved in with their three children — just before Christmas. “Our home took a lot longer than a typical project because it was personal and we made it a little overcomplicated,” Jeremy says. “My clients’ homes all come first.” When designing their home, Jessica and Jeremy wanted to go for a more classic look. “We wanted to bring back the vintage look and create something timeless that will outlast any fads,” Jessica says. The kitchen features both brass and polished nickel, in line with the current trend of mixing metals throughout a house. They recently added a new built-in cabinet, crafted by Artisans in Wood.

Some unique features of their kitchen include the pantry door, made out of 100-year-old barn wood from a farm in Ashland. They opted for a more rustic look with brick flooring — giving the entire pantry a farmhouse functional feel. “I’m in new homes every day, so I didn’t want a house that would feel outdated,” Jeremy says. “I wanted to be able to come home and not feel like I suddenly need to update or change everything about it.”

The Spillman’s favorite part of their timeless kitchen is the built-in dining seating. “Our built-in seating is becoming more and more trendy, but is still not a common item when I build and remodel homes,” Jeremy says. “We love it because it allows more seating and a much larger table than we would’ve been able to fit with a traditional walkway around the table. On the holidays and when we host, we load it down along with the island. The built-in benches also provide great storage for seasonal items, so they are technically utilized year-round.”

A secret the Spillmans shared? The house on Stone Mountain Parkway almost never existed. “We originally wanted to renovate an older home, but it ended up being more cost effective to build a new one,” Jessica says. Faced with this dilemma, the couple chose to re-create an older, classic look in a new home — and in their kitchen. The color palette the couple chose is Simply White by Benjamin Moore and their appliances are from the Kenmore Pro Series.

The kitchen island, with a granite countertop and large farmhouse sink, is built for functionality — and is one of Jeremy’s favorite spots in the house. “Our oversized island is the meeting place in our home — with us all being so busy, it’s the perfect place for a quick snack, meal, homework, I even work there sometime so I’m not disconnected from my family in my office,” he says.

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