The Face of Technology Services


Elizabeth Lowry, Chief Executive Officer of Professional Technologies, is fascinated by the power of emerging technology. With everyday wireless services, drone technology, artificial intelligence, data analytics and digital identity, business processes are changing every day.

Lowry is interested in helping Columbia businesses use these technologies to become more successful and profitable. As a one-stop service provider for business computing and networking, Lowry also provides customer service that fits the unique needs of each client.

“We specialize in consultation for business risk management and migration, disaster recovery and offer technical services to provide roadmaps and solutions,” says Lowry. “We customize our helpdesk to fit the unique needs of our clients and offer scalable remote solutions to minimize downtime.”

Through the successful relationships with local business owners, managers and end users, Lowry is excited by the growth of Professional Technologies.

“As we anticipate that expansion, we are also adding experienced and qualified staff that I know will allow us to improve, expand, and promote the success of our clients,” says Lowry.

She attributes her success to the support system that her husband, daughter, granddaughters and friends provide her. “They keep me grounded, cheer me on, pick me up and help me learn from my mistakes.” With that support system, Lowry enjoys going to concerts, museums, or, for the ultimate relaxation, taking a jet-ski to explore the little-known shoots of the lake.


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