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Inside Columbia

winter boots fashion photoshoot

Find the Perfect Pair of Boots for the Winter Season

Styled by Madelyn Jones Photos by L.G. Patterson Winter fashion isn’t complete without fantastic footwear! Tall boots shine this season, keeping your feet warm and style hot. We’ve assembled numerous pairs and color combinations so you have plenty to choose from. With help from members of our team, here are our chic boot selections to […]

Taste of the Tigers

Taste of the Tigers event was held at the Walsworth Family Columns Club at Memorial Stadium to raise money for The Food Bank of Central & Northeast Missouri. Attendees tasted bites and sipped on drinks from mid-Missouri eateries, local breweries and area wineries, all while enjoying the opportunity to bid for one-of-a- kind experiences through […]

2023 Boone County History Makers Hall of Fame Gala

The Boone County History and Culture Center held its 2023 Boone County History Makers Hall of Fame Gala on Oct. 27 in the Kimball Ballroom on the Stephens College campus. Guests had a chance to witness the prestigious inductions of Col. John Clark, The Food Bank for Central & Northeast Missouri and the late Charles […]

Shawna Neuner

Boulevard Realty

Is there a right way to invest in real estate? Many paths will lead to property investment. The important part is finding the right one for you. To do that, you can ask yourself key questions: Do you have money saved up? What type of property will work best for you? How big is your […]

John Shikles

Carson & Coil, P.C.

What does it mean when an insurance company acts in bad faith? Recently, we’ve seen “bad faith” used as a buzzword in personal injury advertising. It’s a term misunderstood by most consumers and attorneys. When you’re threatened with a lawsuit, your automobile, commercial or professional liability insurer has a duty to defend and reasonably settle […]

Adam Clarke, M.D.

Restoration Eye Care

Can a cataract come back after I’ve had it removed? The simple answer is no. A cataract is the clouding of the natural lens that is inside the eye. This process is not dangerous, but it can affect the quality of vision. A cataract is treated by removing the natural intraocular lens and replacing it […]

Gil Wilshire, MD, FACOG

Missouri Fertility

Is egg freezing a good idea for me? Egg freezing is an excellent option for women who would like to preserve their fertility options for the future. The most common situation involves a single professional woman who has not yet met “Mr. Right” and hears the proverbial clock ticking. Another is seen in women with […]

Dr. Kent Willett

Willett Dental Associates

How can I make my smile beautiful again while staying relaxed during treatment? Professionals are here to help people receive beautiful dentistry despite their fear of entering the dental office. Some patients want to feel comfortable and barely remember being in a dental office. These patients receive moderate sedation. It is accomplished with pills taken […]

Tori Moore

The Bluffs

What is post-acute care or rehab care? Post-acute care facilities, also called rehab facilities, provide services that enable patients to regain their strength and return home. Patients receive these services after hospitalization for surgery, injury or illness. Post-acute care is chosen upon discharge and leads to a lower likelihood of being re-admitted to the hospital […]

Alan Murphy

Heartland Homes Remodeling & Roofing

Does it matter what insurance company I have when dealing with roofing issues? Just as much as it matters to have a trusted contractor, you need to make sure you have an insurance company you can rely on to be there for you in times of need. For every roofing job, ensure the professional you […]

Dave Parsons

Heartland Homes Remodeling & Roofing

Why do a whole home remodel instead of buying a new home? One benefit of remodeling, instead of building a new home, is that with the proper renovation, you can significantly increase the selling value of your home. This is important when it’s finally time to sell. Even less expensive remodel projects can boost home […]

Phyllis Nichols

State Farm Insurance – Phyllis Nichols

How much coverage is the appropriate amount of coverage and how long do I need it? Every situation is unique, so you should narrow down your options with some questions: Are you the breadwinner of your family? How much income are you trying to protect and how long would you like for your family to […]

Ross Mutrux

Mutrux Automotive

Does Mutrux Automotive do major auto repairs? Yes! At Mutrux, we employ four technicians, two of whom are “master technicians” who have years of experience. Whether you need repairs to your brakes, suspension, engine, air conditioning, transmission or cooling system, we can help. We also tackle tune-ups, oil changes, alignments and maintenance on all makes. […]

Jenny Anderson

Designer Kitchens & Baths

What are the latest trends in kitchen islands available to homeowners? Design trends are evolving, yet kitchen islands will continue to be valuable additions to homes. A few of the current trends seen today include smart technology, whether in appliances or kitchen faucets. These options add convenience and control. Several kitchen faucet and appliance companies […]

Dr. Jill Dunlap Brown

Cale Education & Company

How can I make sure my child isn’t falling behind in reading skills? One way to ensure children are on track with their reading skills is to use structured literacy, a specialized, evidence-based approach to teaching reading. It involves a systematic, step-by-step sequence for teaching letters and sounds, ensuring a solid foundation. Multisensory techniques engage […]

axeda092123 266814

GKR Motor Cars

What is the best foundation to start with for a collector car build? For us, money is best spent up front, meaning spend it on the original car you intend on building upon. A lot of people might think the car they found in the back 40 for $500 is a steal, but those are […]

Elizabeth Wilson

Women’s Health Associates

Should I get my hormones checked? Yes, but you should consider more hormones than you realize! While society has pegged the sex hormones as key to male and female health, it’s important to understand how those hormones interact with others, including insulin, cortisol, thyroid and gut hormones, and how inflammation and blood sugar can affect […]

Max Coffin

Good Day Farm

What are the most common misconceptions people have about cannabis concentrates? Those who are unfamiliar with cannabis concentrates often wonder if they’re safe. If you buy from a dispensary, concentrates must be third-party tested to ensure we meet the safety standards of product consumption. The labs test various things, including residual solvents, microbial activity, heavy […]

Jaclyn Rogers

AI Painting Plus

What kind of prep work is needed before painting my cabinets? The most crucial part is to clean thoroughly with a household degreaser. This is important to do before sanding to avoid forcing any surface contaminants further into the wood. Then, sand the surface vigorously with 220-grit sandpaper. This will promote the adhesion of the […]

Alice Leeper

Home Town Como

Will 2024 be a buyer’s or seller’s market? For homebuyers and sellers, 2024 will look much like 2023 – confused. Inventories of homes for sale are still low, which usually benefits sellers with higher prices, but this year it hasn’t. Mortgage interest rates are still high, and though this should slow buyer demand, it hasn’t. […]