Faces Behind The Places


Amy Briscoe discovered her passion for helping customers find proper fitting shoes at a young age. When Briscoe went on shopping trips with her mother, she didn’t follow her siblings to the toy department Instead her mom would find her exploring the shoe section – a sign of things to come.

Briscoe began her shoe-selling journey 14 years ago. Her mentor, Ed Blaesing, gave Briscoe her first job at a family-owned, sit-n-fit shoe store in her hometown of Quincy, Illinois. Relocating to Columbia a few years ago, Briscoe went to Dryer’s right away and found she was a “shoe in.” She loved the aspect of quality customer service and products in a locally owned family shoe store.

Now store manager of Dryer’s Shoe Store, Briscoe reminds her customers their feet are what gets them around and believes that proper footwear can change a life for the better by making every step of the journey more comfortable.

Dryer’s Shoes
7 N. Ninth St. | 573-442-7984

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