Faces of Columbia

2023 Faces of Columbia

When we interact with a business, we’re connecting with a person, maybe several people, who then serve as the “Face” of that local company. It’s through that face that we are able to get a personal connection between the business and the community it serves. In the following special section, you’ll learn about a variety of local businesses and the face, or faces, behind them. We hope you’ll take a moment to get better acquainted with some of the people behind these successful businesses that make our community a great place to live and work. Learn more about their stories and why they are eager to serve you.

Rock Bridge Financial Advisors

The Face of Retirement Planning

At Rock Bridge Financial Advisors, the focus is always on finding the right solution for you. When it comes to finding a financial advisor, Michael McCuistion emphasizes two things about the firm where he has been owner and principal since 2005: “We have the client’s best interests at heart, first and foremost. And we are experienced

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will garrett agency

The Face of Life Insurance

Will Garrett’s passion for helping others combined with his love for meeting people made him a perfect fit for the insurance industry. Now an agency sales manager withMissouri Farm Bureau, Garrett gets to spend his days meeting new people and helping them understand their insurance options. As the industry progresses over the next five years,Garrett sees

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Burrell Behavioral Health

The Face of Mental Health

Have you ever known someone who was struggling with a mental illness? There are many levels and types of clinic-based care available. For individuals with serious and persistent mental illnesses, getting support may look a bit different. In fact, they may be eligible for a unique program that Burrell Behavioral Health provides in central Missouri: Community

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Kasmann insurance faces

The Face of Auto Insurance

Life can feel like an endless barrage of surprises, and the last thing you want to worry about is how to recover after an auto accident. Stacey Page, Owner and Agent at Kasmann Insurance Agency, says her team is ready to help protect everything that is important to you. “My job is helping people plan for

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