Gift Ideas

Editor’s note: Prices and availability of items may have changes since this article was first published. 


Who doesn’t like to shop for this age group? Keep an eye out for educational items — such as this book that explains why grandparents can’t hug during the COVID-19 pandemic. Consider giving interactive toys, books and even flash cards for learning a second language.

A. C.C. Baby gray pom hat.
Rosebuds Baby & Kids. $15

B. Crimson long-sleeve romper.
Rosebuds Baby & Kids. $38
C. While We Can’t Hug by Eoin
McLaughlin and Polly Dunbar.
Skylark Bookshop. $15.95
D. Spanish ring flash cards.
Rosebuds Baby & Kids. $12.99
E. Poke-A-Dot button book.
Rosebuds Baby & Kids. $12.99

F. MiniSpinny toy.
Rosebuds Baby & Kids. $12.99

G. Silicone and wood teething ring.
Rosebuds Baby & Kids. $15

Gifts For The Teenagers In Your Life

A. Teleties hair elastic.
Southern Rose. $9.99
B. Born Just Right by local authors
Jordan & Jen Reeves.
Skylark Bookshop. $7.99

C. Secrid leather wallet and card protector
from Holland.
Binghams. $94.95
D. Pig & Hen ship rope bracelet from Amsterdam.
Binghams. $99

E. Monogrammed gold makeup bag.
Southern Rose. $18
F. Pink peony socks.
Southern Rose. $9.99

Gifts For The Tweens In Your Life

This age group can be difficult, but think about experiences you might share with middle schoolers. Wrap up items to bake cookies or make hot chocolate together. This promises not only a fun gift but another reason to get together after the holidays.

A. Holiday apron.
Tallulahs. $19.50
B. Class Act by Newbery Medal winner Jerry Craft.
Skylark Bookshop. $22.99
C. Vietri Santa mug.
Tallulahs. $54
D. Vietri Santa cookie plate.
Tallulahs. $72
E. Embossed rolling pin.
Tallulahs. $53
F. Double chocolate cocoa.
Tallulahs. $12.50
G. Bookshelf face mask.
Skylark Bookshop. $12
H. Sugar cookie baking mix.
Tallulahs. $9.50

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