5 Ways to Celebrate NYE at Home

New Year’s Eve is definitely known as one of the biggest “party holidays.” But if you’re not a party person or you’d just rather spend the build up to the New Year at home, there are still tons of things to do. Check out our list of five things you could do to make the night memorable!

1. Game Night

This is a great option for families because it consists of playing everyone’s favorite games! Whether you decide to make it a board game night, a Wii game night, or maybe even a mix of the two, having a little friendly competition is always fun.

2. Movie Marathon

An easy way to stay occupied while waiting for the New Year is to watch a ton of movies! Depending on when you start, you could make it through the three Santa Clause movies, or even the majority of the Harry Potter series!


3. Cook a Fancy Meal

If you’re not usually someone who cooks a lot, this might be the perfect time to step out of your comfort zone and try something new! Find the fanciest and most delicious sounding recipe here (courtesy of our very own Brook Harlan), put on your chef’s hat and start cookin!


4. Dance Party

If you’re looking for something that will guarantee to keep you awake just long enough to watch the ball drop before going to bed, this is your best option! With the right equipment, any room in your house can be turned into a club. Set up some colorful lights, preferably ones that flash, and blast some music through speakers!


5. Create A Fancy Bar

If you’re into fancy alcoholic or nonalcoholic drinks, making your own personal bar might be really fun! Stock up on special ingredients to make luxurious drinks and then play bar tender for the night! Looking for inspiration or recipes? Check out our Meet Your Maker recipes.

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