Columbia’s public and private schools foster healthy and productive learning environments from Pre-K through high school graduation. Some Columbia school kids loved their time here so much that they stuck around to teach the new kids on the block.
Enter Erin Demzcak, Paxton Keeley elementary school first grade teacher, and former K-12 Columbia Public Schools (CPS) student:

“CPS is creating the future adults of Columbia and also for places far and wide! We’re not only supporting our students academically but as a whole child. It’s just as important to teach students to treat others with kindness and respect as it is to be on level academically. I had such amazing teachers and I always loved CPS, so staying in CPS was my dream job. First grade at Paxton Keeley was an ideal job for me and I’ve been so blessed to have the opportunity to do just that right out of college.”

An Abundance of Athletics
You can feel a charge in the air before a big game — it’s abuzz with an energy that only a sporting event can spark. From youth league, Rec league, club sports to D1 college sports, there are opportunities for all ages and skill levels to participate or just enjoy the experience of being part of the crowd. The Show-Me-State Games are one of the state’s largest annual sporting events and encourage participation of Missourians of all ages and capabilities. The event has brought as many as 32,000 participants to Columbia in past years and has represented almost every county in the state.

Colleges & Universities
Many Columbians find themselves connected in one way or another to local halls of ivy, and that’s something we’re quite proud of. Our town is home to three main college campuses and even more satellite campuses, where future leaders are receiving top-tier college educations.

MIZ — if you’ve lived here more than a minute, you probably know what to say next. ZOU! It’s a familiar chant that rings out at campus-wide events and is a common call and response when Mizzou attire is spotted outside of Columbia. From the diverse population of students, faculty and staff that the school brings to Columbia to its world-renowned research, well-known athletic programs and traditions, Mizzou is a huge part of Columbia’s identity.

Stephens College
Stephens College has been educating women in Columbia since 1833 and continues to do so with strength and fervor. The college is known for its equestrian studies, fashion and performance arts programs but also offers a wide breadth of study areas in undergraduate, graduate and certificate programs in both on-campus and online settings.

Columbia College
Columbia College prides itself on being a wonderful place for both traditional and non-traditional college students to receive a high quality education. It has been named an excellent school for active military, military veterans and their spouses, and is also well-known for its evening campus classes, which provide many non-traditional college students opportunities to earn degrees.

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