The Face of Catering


Benjamin Hamrah, of Peachtree Catering, was basically born into the business. His parents ran multiple food service businesses throughout his childhood and he followed in their footsteps.

He attributes his success to his parents, saying his father taught him everything he knows about the food industry and running a business, while his mother taught him everything he knows about people.

Peachtree specializes in catering and events, and Hamrah relishes the freedom that gives him.

“Since we are caterers, we are never held to a single style or menu. This gives us the constant opportunity to design all aspects of an event around our clients and their specific needs for each event.”

Hamrah prides himself on the personal attention Peachtree provides. Clients deal directly with him or his father, and Peachtree’s Operations Manager/Event Planner Leigh Ann. There is no sales or marketing department.

“We have been lucky enough to develop some very real relationships with past and current clients. We love what we do, and especially those that allow us to continue to do it,” he says. “While you cannot build a business without a client, you most certainly cannot build a business if you can’t keep that client.”

In his free time, Hamrah enjoys traveling. Not surprisingly, most of his adventures revolve around food.


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