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Can you guess the year this photo was taken in downtown Columbia? This photo depicts four stores on this street that were torn down and replaced in 1917 by a brand new hotel. Can you identify the name of the hotel, and what is in that location now?

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Last Month’s Answer:

In our January issue of Prime, we asked readers to guess what event was taking place in this photo and what year it was.


This photo shows the laying down of the cornerstone of the new United Methodist Church at the corner of Ninth Street and Locust. The church would take four years to build. It was finished in 1929 just as the stock market crashed and as a result the congregation’s finances were troubled until the building was finally paid off in 1947. In the foreground is the north side of Locust and the home of the Columbia Daily Tribune offices between 1921 and 1947. Today the site across the street is the home of the 10-story student apartment building still under construction.


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