An Attic Alteration

Kaitlyn & Will Schlacks decided to revamp their attic space in 2019 from insulation and rafters to a beautiful second living space with rooms for their two daughters, ages 6 and 12. The remodel included building out the rough carpentry and installing structural elements and took about 6 months to complete.

“For a home style, we love spaces designed to reduce ‘noise’ and create a sense of order,” Kaitlyn says, “while allowing for art or subtle signature furnishings to culminate in an overall feeling of balance.” The attic’s style could be described as “soft modern,” with modern aesthetics and approachable materials. The neutral white paint and furniture help to complete this look. 

Cruz Custom Construction completed most of the construction work, and the Schlacks worked with JBR Precision for paint. Teams from DK Power, a women-owned construction company of which Kaitlyn is co-owner, completed the drywall. The luxury vinyl plank flooring was purchased from a local dealer, Erdel & Wood.  

The space features two bedrooms, an office, a spacious living area with vaulted ceilings and sky lights, a bathroom and a rock-climbing wall with a lighted fort.  

In the living space, a baby grand piano shows the family’s love for all things musical. “Our whole family loves to play music,” Kaitlyn says. “Particularly piano.” The piano’s digital capabilities allow the Schlacks to either physically play piano or play music through the piano, utilizing the acoustic piano strings rather than speakers. 

The unique light fixtures throughout the attic, including the iron chandelier in the living space, were purchased from Restoration Hardware to fit the style of the remodel. Skylights throughout the space also help to maximize natural light. 

The bathroom features a unique Ipe wood floor in the shower and a large standalone tub, with a small window that allows for natural light while still maintaining privacy. 

The rock-climbing wall is made of Crystal White Ledger Stone with white climbing holds to match and was built by Cruz. It’s 12 feet tall and the lighted fort within has plenty of space to play or curl up with a good book.

“Now our three kids can literally climb the wall,” Kaitlyn says, “And not get into any trouble!”

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