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Learn the Jingle Bells and Whistles to Planning Festive Festivities

Photos by L.G. Patterson When it comes to the holiday season, there are so many things to get you in the spirit. Whether it’s hosting a holiday party, putting up festive decorations with your family, finding the right Christmas tree for your home, serving a next- level holiday cocktail or elevating your next movie night […]

Kip Kendrick, Jessica Kempf and Randy Cole during the CEO Roundtable luncheon.

Local Leaders Discuss Affordable Housing, Homelessness

Photos by L.G. Patterson Finding affordable housing in mid-Missouri can be a real challenge. But it’s not an issue that’s unique to the Columbia area. Across the country, communities of all different sizes are grappling with a shortage of affordable housing. And when that is lacking, it ripples out and affects other issues, including homelessness, workforce […]

dining out

Sisters Open New Bar Targeted at Post-College Young Adults

When you think of the downtown scene in Columbia, you might not think of a relaxing young adult atmosphere because, let’s all admit, during the school year, the college kids have the run of downtown. But Greta and Ava Gunderson, a dynamic duo from Omaha, Nebraska, have set their sights on redefining the bar experience […]

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Krystal Martin Creates Luxurious, Plant-Based Skin Care Solutions

Photos by L.G. Patterson There are so many products that are used in homes and on your skin that could contain harmful ingredients. Whether it’s your lotion, the holiday-scented candles burning in your home or even the soap you clean your body with, many mainstream products can contain parabens, triclosan, benzophenone, phthalates, formaldehyde, sulfates, petroleum, […]

holiday stress

How to Navigate Holiday Stress

Illustration provided by Burrell Behavioral Health The holiday season brings so much with it — celebrations, family gatherings, traditions, dinners and more. And while each piece brings its own layer of fun and revelry, this season also can bring some less welcome feelings, like stress and anxiety. “There’s this duality at the holidays where it’s […]


Embracing The Flavors of Fall

Photos by L.G. Patterson  No matter the season, some of the best memories are made with food. But the flavors of fall are something special. To help you discover new recipes and flavors this season, we assembled a section of desserts, from local shops’ signature sweets to in-house recipes. So, whether you prefer getting your […]

Truman the Tiger rides into a Mizzou tailgate.

Tailgate Traditions in the SEC

For more than a century, tailgating has been inextricably linked to football. And any diehard University of Missouri Tiger fan knows that it is an essential part of the whole experience. From hearing the familiar chants of M-I-Z, and of course yelling back Z-O-U, to the standard sight of Truman’s Taxi, the vintage firetruck that carries Truman around Faurot […]

Chris Foley bread

Local Baker Uses Challenging Method to Make Tasty Creations

Photos by L.G. Patterson While creating a perfect loaf of bread may become complicated, Chris Foley says finding his love for baking was easy. When he was 14 years old, Foley, now the owner of Fiddle & Stone Bread Co., got a job at a bakery in Ashland and knew he had come across something […]

Dining Out - Sipz

New Soda Shop Opens in Columbia

Photos by L.G. Patterson After working as a stay-at-home mom for 20 years, Brenda Andrus decided to take on a new adventure with her husband and six children in opening Sipz Sodas on Columbia’s south side. “Our kids have been involved from the very beginning,” she says. “It’s nice having something to do with the […]

Cooper's Landing is a perfect spot to enjoy the Missouri River scenery.

Respites Along the River

Photos by L.G. Patterson Who doesn’t love a good day spent by the river? Whether you’re planning to swim, kayak, fish or just enjoy the scenery, one of the joys of living in central Missouri is the easy access to the Missouri River. And when you’re out and about on a river adventure, it’s always fun to […]

Nail art

Stylish Sets to Suit Your Nails

Styled by Madelyn Jones | Photos by L.G. Patterson Nail art is all the rage right now. From detailed designs that look like tiny masterpieces to more subdued colors and styles, the summer nail trends have a wide range of styles from which to choose. And that’s always a good thing since what works for one […]

Club Car Wash

Best of Columbia 2023

Photos by L.G. Patterson The results are finally in! After thousands (and thousands!) of nominations and votes, we are ready to present the very Best of Columbia. Below, you’ll find the winners in a wide variety of categories, from Best Burger to Best Festival or Annual Event. This year, thanks to readers like you, we received […]

My Sweet Parlor owner

New Shop Downtown Offers More Than Just Treats

Photos by L.G. Patterson Summer is the perfect time for a refreshing sweet treat. Whether you need something to cool you off or pick you up, sometimes nothing hits the spot quite like a tasty indulgence. For those looking for something different, My Sweet Parlor, a new Asian dessert shop in downtown Columbia, aims to […]

coopers landing

23 Things to do in Summer ’23

Photos by L.G Patterson & Ava Kitzi The summer sun is out and it’s time to enjoy all the perks that come with this beloved season. So, we’ve rounded up 23 essential summer activities to do before fall arrives.Whether you’re a lifelong Columbia resident or a new transplant to our community, we’re sure you’ll find […]


Columbia Native Builds Profession From Passion

Photos by L.G. Patterson It’s not often that a dream comes from an early injury. But that’s exactly what happened with Kendall Lademann, who broke her femur at age 3 and started dancing as a form of physical therapy. “We weren’t really sure if it would stick, but it did and I just fell in […]


Find Sunglasses to Suit Your Style

Styled By Madelyn Jones and Diahann Bieser / Photos By L.G. Patterson  Longer days, warm weather and sunny skies — combine all three and you get the perfect conditions for some outdoor fun in mid-Missouri. But before you head out into the sunlight, make sure you’re ready with right accessories. This selection of sunglasses from […]

Rock climbing

The Thrill Seekers Guide to Mid-Missouri

Photos by Ava Kitzi There’s nothing quite like getting your adrenaline pumping. Suddenly, you’re completely in the moment as a mix of fear and anticipation takes over. For some people, this particular rush is beyond addicting. So they seek it out in a variety of ways, from scary movies to thrill-seeking activities designed to get your […]

organize clutter

Get Organized with these Five Steps to Clear the Clutter

Having an organized space can make or break your productivity, stress level and overall well-being. But knowing where to start can be a challenge. Bonnie Hudson, founder of Beyond Organized MO, LLC, says organizing a space not only creates balance, but it allows people to regain control of their lives. “You will be more focused […]

DiningOut Belly market

Local Market and Rotisserie Takes Over Columbia Staple

Photo by L.G. Patterson Food is part of so many traditions. It helps us celebrate love and loss, and fills your belly with comfort after a long day. That’s the goal of Belly Market & Rotisserie in south Columbia. Benjamin Hamrah and Amanda Elliot, co-owners of Belly Market, created a one-stop-shop for people to enjoy […]

Sherie Rodekohr makes a floral arrangement.

Creating Your Own Floral Arrangement

Photos by L.G. Patterson Nothing freshens up a space quite like fresh flowers. Whether it’s a centerpiece meant to grab attention or a simple tableside arrangement to add a pop of color, flowers can make all the difference in any room. Sherie Rodekohr has spent her entire career in horticulture, with more than 30 years teaching […]