The Face of Residential Realty


Realtor Leslie Spieler-Winn has been with House of Brokers for nearly three years, learning the ropes of the residential realty business from her mother, Audrey Spieler.

Spieler-Winn joined her mother after her father passed, and says of her mother, “Man, I’ve got big shoes to fill!”

The business works with clients to get their homes ready for market, and works with buyers looking for their dream homes, as well as with investors buying rental properties.

Spieler-Winn attributes her success to a simple philosophy:
“I live by the golden rule…treat others how you want to be treated!” She describes herself as “charismatic,” says she’s learned you have to have lots of patience to be in real estate, and that not all closings go according to plan. The awesome support staff at House of Brokers Realty, Inc. makes it happen.

Spieler-Winn relaxes by fishing at several farm ponds that are well stocked and secluded. In another water-related activity, she teaches private swimming lessons for children with special needs, something she finds very rewarding and says makes her week.


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