The Face of Seamless Auto Repair


Carol Miller has been at the wheel of Central Missouri Auto Body for 35 years. The collision repair business is well established in the Columbia community.

Miller credits her parents for her success. She says they “instilled honesty, integrity and compassion.” She feels these traits spill over into successful working relationships with customers, vendors and employees. She adds that a previous boss taught her acceptance. “We all have faults, we all make mistakes. Learning from them and moving on is the best lesson anyone can learn, she says.”

Miller believes her business has thrived because of how she and her staff  treat people.
“I have a poster that says, ‘Everyone Matters to God.’ Using that approach lets people know we care.”

She firmly believes that life’s too short to harbor any negativity, saying, “Live, love, laugh, pray … and be thankful often!”
To relax, she enjoys swimming and biking.


Central Missouri Auto Body | 5353 N. Hwy 763
573-875-5877 |

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