Faces Behind the Places


Brian Buchheit never intended to go into the family business. As a child, Buchheit’s father, All Star Automotive owner Bob Buchheit, would bring him to work on Saturdays as a way to spend time together. Those Saturdays spent at the automotive repair shop left an impact on Buchheit, and he soon discovered that working with his family would be a lot of fun. That’s why Buchheit has been a part of the customer service team officially for 16 years. Having been around the shop since the day the doors opened, Buchheit is now thrilled to work alongside his parents.

Outside of his work at All Star Automotive, Buchheit is an avid music lover who taught himself to play the bass guitar. To relax, Buchheit enjoys spending time with his family, watching movies and drinking a local Logboat beer.


All Star Automotive
7 N. First St. | 573-442-8062

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