Faces of Columbia

2023 Faces of Columbia

When we interact with a business, we’re connecting with a person, maybe several people, who then serve as the “Face” of that local company. It’s through that face that we are able to get a personal connection between the business and the community it serves. In the following special section, you’ll learn about a variety of local businesses and the face, or faces, behind them. We hope you’ll take a moment to get better acquainted with some of the people behind these successful businesses that make our community a great place to live and work. Learn more about their stories and why they are eager to serve you.

complete clean

The Face of Clean Environments

At Extraordinary Complete Clean, the Clean Team understands that a person’s mood and motivation level can be affected by the state of their home or work environment. That is why this team works to not only clean your space but also provide a stress-free environment for productive living and working. “Cleaning is not just cleaning,” says

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Ai Painting Plus

The Face of Residential Painting

At Ai Painting Plus, they know the importance of a good paint job. Because when done well, the right paint can help provide joy through the visual transformation of a cherished space. “Our mission is to ‘paint joy into people’s homes’ and that’s our favorite part about doing what we do,” says Lacie Ilsley, who owns

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Gary Wheeler of Missouri Soybeans

The Face of Soy

Gary Wheeler always knew he wanted to work for farmers. But when he began working for a nonprofit, his passion grew deeper as he realized how he could really help them. “I had the realization of how policy and education can really move the needle for the very folks that grow our food supply,” Wheeler says.

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Sticklen & Sticklen Law Firm

The Face of Personal Injury

Experiencing great trauma can cause immense stress, and the last things you should have to think about are medical bills or other financial burdens. Luckily, the partners at Sticklen & Sticklen Law Firm are here to help you. Both Charles Sticklen Jr. and Sarah Sticklen-McDonnell were inspired to get into the legal profession by family. Sticklen’s

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Kretch's Custom Exteriors

The Face of Custom Exteriors

As more and more people are able to work from home, having a comfortable outdoor space has become more important than ever. That’s where Kretch’s Custom Exteriors comes in. Owner Drew Kretzschmar knows how to create or revitalize your outdoor oasis. The team at Kretch’s, which includes Kretzschmar’s wife, Michaella; William Walters and Kretch’s red heeler,

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FACES Dsport

The Face of Promotional Products

With more than 20 years of experience in the graphics field, Shawn Christal became the perfect fit to take over Dsport Graphics in Columbia. “It was a great opportunity to take a long-standing business in Columbia and bring it to the next level,” he says of purchasing the existing local business with his family. The business

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The Face of Pairing Properties with Investors

Farmland Consultants, LLC prides itself on matching key investors with the right property owners to create a mutually beneficial transaction. Owner Matt Wear, along with his local team, including David Hollenberg, MartyCanterbury, Ryan McAllister, Shannon Akin and Justin Nichols among others, have a passion for real estate, specifically land. “We’ve been fortunate enough to have sold

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mcclure faces

The Face Of Engineering

Timothy Devaney, team leader at McClure, has always enjoyed science, history and the outdoors. Growing up in Boone County, Devaney and his brothers would spend their time exploring and learning together on the family farm. That’s when his passion for the outdoors sparked.“Surveying is a profession that allows for me to combine these fascinations daily,” Devaney

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tiger moving llc

The Face of Moving

Moving can be a stressful experience, so it makes all the difference to have professionals who can be relied upon.That’s why Levi Alldredge founded Tiger Moving LLC in spring 2020. Alldredge knows how hard moving can be and seeks to provide the highest level of service to give customers peace of mind. Moving alone is stressful;

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Morpheus IV Hydration & Infusion Center

The Face of IV Hydration and Drip Therapy

Jennifer Clark and Kristen Richter are extremely passionate about what they do. As nurse anesthetists, both Clark and Richter have spent their careers in health care and have seen the limitations of traditional medicine, which is what led the pair to found Morpheus IV Hydration & Infusion Center. “That’s why we’re here,” Clark says. “We’re here

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