VooDoo Sno

Most popular item: Witch Doctor
Favorite event: Anything at Veterans United

A southside food trailer, Voodoo Sno is a break off from Chris Bailey’s other business, Parkside Skate Shop on Columbia’s north side. The sno-balls he sells bring a little bit of New Orleans to Columbia.

Bailey’s skate shop business partner’s brother lives in Louisiana and has a sno-ball business, which is where Bailey originally got the idea. “It’s a cool niche -— no one else has New Orleans style sno-balls, everyone has snow cones or Hawaiian shaved ice,” Bailey says.

Sno-ball flavors Bailey offers at the food trailer depend completely on public opinion. “I didn’t have cream soda flavor at the other shop, so I got a little bottle and people kept getting it. So, I went ahead and got more,” Bailey says.

The biggest challenge he finds owning a mobile food business is meeting city requirements and securing a location. The trailer is predominantly solar powered, so Bailey doesn’t have to worry about finding a location with a lot of power. Being a business owner and being his own boss are his favorite perks of owning Voodoo Sno.


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