Coarse Correction

I have been a big fan of grits for a long time, or at least what I thought was grits. About 10 years ago I got to try some OG Grits. They were coarse-ground with a stone mill powered by the War Eagle Creek (a tributary of the White River) in Rogers, Arkansas. Quick grits […]

Got Milk?

It’s officially hot cocoa season! It used to be that the biggest decision you had to make when it came to hot cocoa was toppings — marshmallows, candy canes, whipped cream or chocolate syrup. But now there is one more decision you have to make: What kind of milk should you use? Walk down any […]

Winter Fun Guide

It’s officially that time of year when the sky is almost always gray and several layers have to be donned before stepping foot outside. But that doesn’t mean you can’t still have fun! We’ve put together 25 activities that are sure to keep you entertained and jolly this winter. From chop-your-own-tree to an epic craft […]

Rural Splendor

Dr. John Sappington was not impressed. It was the late 1840s, and the doctor had made a fortune through his agricultural interests and the sale of his Dr. Sappington’s Anti-Fever Pills, which proved to be an effective cure for malaria. Even as his family’s wealth increased, the doctor stuck to his frugal ways and made […]

Phong Nguyen’s Roundabout

You might not notice at first. But screw up your vision, then peer a little closer at the cover of Phong Nguyen’s new novel, Roundabout. You’ll see it: The letter “e” in his last name is a faint, hazy gray, just a few shades darker than the white font that sandwiches it. Seems a simple […]

Picture Perfect

A photo booth with props means fun photo opps! With their champagne flutes brimming with bubbly, our revelers are dressed to the nines in sparkle and shine and ready to ring in the New Year. Whether in a dramatic, full-skirted floor length creation (with pockets!) or a more form-fitting short sheath, models Lindsey Baxter, Kelly […]

Most Beautiful Homes

Columbia is home to many beautiful dreamy dwellings — and the best part is that they are all unique. The homes featured in these pages all draw inspiration from different places and eras, from New England Colonial to Modern Mediterranean, but they do have one thing in common: They’re sure to wow. Whether you’re just […]

Adventure Calls

Here’s an exercise that can help you learn about yourself without going through years of psychoanalysis. Pick up a pen and paper, and as quickly as possible make a list of things you’d like to do or places you’d like to see before you’re not physically able. If nothing comes to mind within 30 seconds, […]

Being Fashionably Fit

Today’s fitness apparel is a far cry from the basic sweats of yesteryear. Sleek, chic, wearable and durable, it features lightweight high-tech materials and thoughtful details. Model Nancy Allison reveals how to be adventuresome while at the same time wearing clothing that’s durable and stylish. Whether you’re hiking, biking or working out with weights, you […]

Choreographed Lives

Marie Robertson and her twin sister, Maggie Dethrow, are dancing their way through life — with grace and style. Dance is how they’ve made their living. Dance connects them to hundreds of Columbia’s children and adults. And dance is a love they’ve shared since they were girls, growing up together in Newport, Rhode Island. The […]

Chef’s Choice

When you go out to a restaurant, there’s an assortment of delicious dishes to try. But what do the chefs consider their personal favorite creations? Chef Kory Yoo, who owns Geisha Sushi Bar and I’M Sushi & Grill, and Chef Frances Harvey, co-owner of Fujiko Izakaya, share their beloved dishes and the secrets to the […]

Honoring Heroes

For many people, volunteering their time in service of others is a hobby, a way to give back to their community. However, there are a rare few for whom volunteering in service of others isn’t just a hobby — it’s a way of life. Susan Haines is one of those people, having made her mark […]

Columbia Restaurants

Listings in this guide are not related to paid advertising in Inside Columbia magazine. To include your business, contact us at Price Of Average Entrée: $ – $10 and under $$ – $11-$15 $$$ – $16-$20 $$$$ – $21 and up TABLE OF CONTENTS: American Asian Bakery & Café Bar & Grill Barbecue Breakfast […]

Shop Local

Editor’s Note: This 2019 article has been updated to reflect data and trends from the effects of COVID-19 on the Columbia business community. Let’s take a brief trip back through the recent history of major retail trends. In the 1970s, shopping malls burst onto the scene. Then the big-box stores such as Walmart and Target […]

Pop-up Perfection

Columbia’s restaurant scene is expanding — not with brick-and-mortar places, necessarily, but with pop-up events. Frances Harvey, co-owner of the pop-up Fujiko Izakaya, says her menu inspiration comes from her childhood. Her mother often made traditional Japanese meals for Harvey, including marinated eggs for tamago and fried pork cutlets for tonkatsu. “A lot of my […]

Coffee Curriculum

The first official cup of coffee — well, tea — served at the new Kaldi’s Coffee shop in Cornell Hall was a chai latte for Ajay Vinzé, the dean of the business school. The shop, referred to as a learning café, is a partnership between MU’s Robert J. Trulaske, Sr. College of Business and Kaldi’s […]

Columbia’s Foodie Scene

Columbia might not be as big as Chicago — or even Kansas City — but when it comes to food, we can compete with the best of them. With Columbia’s expansive restaurant scene, there are sure to be many who consider themselves “foodies,” or experts in all things gastronomical. In case you don’t consider yourself […]

Southern-Style Spoonbread

Spoonbread is like polenta met cornbread — and they called up soufflé and custard to have a party. This recipe is gluten-free, but not because the ingredients are left out that need to be there, but because it is naturally gluten-free. It has Native American roots and strong ties to the South. It can make […]

Best Bet Booties

Booties — or short boots — may not have been around that long, but they’ve taken the fall shoe world by storm. They come in a range of heels, heights, details and materials, essentially making it impossible to have only one pair. A few trends we’ve noticed this fall are leopard and snakeskin print and […]

Healthy Holiday

Thanksgiving is one of the few holidays we celebrate that revolves solely around food. For the Pilgrims, it was a much-needed feast, but for most Americans, it’s extra calories that we don’t necessarily need. For people trying to watch their weight, or those with dietary restrictions, Thanksgiving can be a source of disappointment. Fortunately, there […]