Faces Behind The Places


Lisa Byrd has worked as a nurse and a family nurse practitioner in cardiovascular surgery for Missouri Heart Center for the past 19 years. Throughout that time, she has assisted Dr. Richard Mellitt with cardiac and thoracic surgeries while also providing postoperative care for each patient. While Lisa’s work carries much responsibility, she has found her chosen career path to be exceptionally rewarding. Her dedication through long hours has lead her to discover her talents for her work, which she describes as a “combination of science and compassion.” Still, Lisa is humbled by her coworkers. She attributes her success to the influence of the many nurses and other outstanding physicians with whom she has worked throughout her career.

Outside of the hospital, Lisa’s secret hobby is quilting, something her children tease her about. Not one to shy away from adventure, Lisa also enjoys spending time on the water paddle boarding, wake boarding and boating, and, of course, spending time with her family.

Missouri Heart Center
573-256-7700 | 1605 E. Broadway, Suite 300

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