Faces Behind The Places


Justin Riley is a legacy at Dryer’s Shoe Store. His grandfather and Dryer’s founder, Newton Riley, taught him from an early age how to be a sucessful businessman and treat customers with gratitude and respect. Learning the family business as a kid, Riley earned 10 cents for each pair of work boots he laced up. The experience taught Riley there are no short cuts in life, and if he wanted to find success, he’d have to earn it by being unique and working hard.

Through his professional journey, Riley has worked both on the retail and wholesale side of the trade, and even spent time as a police officer and volunteer firefighter. Now the owner of Dryer’s Shoe Store, Riley feels his experience gives him a greater understanding of how the finer details of each part of the business work together. Riley’s spirit, however, has never changed. His dedication to his customers ensures everyone who comes into Dryer’s Shoe Store will find the perfect footwear for their unique style and their health.

Dryer’s Shoes
7 N. Ninth St. | 573-442-7984

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