Faces Behind The Places


Veronica Herzing was discovered by her profession. Before she joined her husband at Fortified Roofing and Siding, Herzing worked for the state for 20 years. Herzing knew her experience and skills would be an asset to her husband as they began planning the details of their business. In the early stages, Herzing helped organize the office operations, but as the business grew, she began taking over more responsibilities, now handling all of the operations and the human resources requirements.

Herzing attributes her success to her faith, which affords her the confidence to take risks and pursue new ventures, and her love of learning, which allows her to adapt to new challenges. Of all the lessons Herzing has learned, she feels the most important one is, “to take each day as it comes, and not let the little things get me off track.”

Of course, no family business would be successful without supportive relatives. Herzing enjoys spending time creating memories with her family whether they’re at work or outdoors hiking, boating, kayaking or simply sitting around a bonfire.

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