Faces Behind The Places


For the last five and a half years, Chris Routledge has found a professional home at Dryer’s Shoe Store where he’s proud to get to know his customers and their needs. Having previously worked in a larger corporate retail company, Chris was excited to join the down-to-earth “Mom and Pop” style store where the goal of the employees is to provide the overall best customer experience possible. By asking the right questions and truly listening to his clients, Chris is able to find the right shoes for anyone, even those who believe they’re hard to fit.

Positive interaction and servant leadership run deep in Chris’s family. His parents were a substantial influence on his passion for assisting people. As Southern Baptist missionaries, Chris’s parents found a way to use their work to do good for people all over the globe, including Africa, where Chris was born.

When not working at Dryer’s Shoe Store, Chris co-owns and operates Trailer Swift/Redlight Photoboth. He also enjoys going on adventures. and spending time with his fiancée.


Dryer’s Shoes
7 N Ninth St. | 573-442-7984

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