Faces Behind the Places


Megan Herzing’s desire to learn from her father brought her into the business of contractor services for roofing and siding installation. Watching her dad get to know his customers while he worked to restore their homes, Megan took the experience she gathered from his gold-standard service and applied it to the business she helped create, Fortified Roofing and Siding.

Megan envisioned a better way for customers to view roofing contractors by bringing honesty, integrity and passion to the field.
With Megan, each contract is not about the paycheck, but instead about educating homeowners about the complexities of their home and working with them directly to find roofing and siding solutions to best fit their needs. Ironically, Megan is so devoted to her customers that she bravely faces her greatest fear daily: heights!

When not on the job, Megan is a proud puppy parent to her dog, Murphy. Together they enjoy walking in the neighborhood, hiking and, of course, watching Netflix and snuggling.


Fortified Roofing & Siding
2900 Falling Leaf Lane, Suite 102
(573) 447-7475 | FortifiedRoofs.com

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